Kainos Medicine signs a joint research agreement with AI new drug development company Dr. Noah Biotech

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    2020-06-05 13:29:54
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Predicting new drug structures through the AI platform

Expected to build a new pipeline

[Financial News] Kainos Medicine, a company pursuing a merger listing with Hana Financial 11th Special Purpose Acquisition Company, announced on the 25th that it will be developing new drugs using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Kainos Medicine signed a joint research agreement with Dr. Noah Biotech, which is an AI-based new drug development specialist.

In this joint agreement, Dr. Noah Biotech will provide the structure of substances optimized for the target disease. Based on this, Kainos Medicine plans to derive new drug candidates through matter synthesis and optimization.

Kainos Medicine is currently focusing on the development of medicine for incurable diseases, such as Parkinson’s Disease and AIDS.

AIDS medicine 'KM-023' is currently in phase 3 of clinical tests in China.

Phase 2 of clinical tests will be conducted for 'KM-819', as medicine for Parkinson’s Disease in the US and as medicine for MSA (multiple system atrophy) in Korea. There are candidate substances, such as anti-cancer agents and anti-viral drugs, Dr. Noah Biotech’s AI-based technology 'ARK Platform' will be proactively used to secure new candidate substances.

An official at Kainos Medicine commented, "we will be focusing our research capabilities so that we can use Dr. Noah Biotech’s AI platform technology to not only discover innovative new drug candidates but also achieve the export of technologies".

Reporter Kyeong-Ah Kim,

Source: Financial News 20th