Dr.NOAH selected as an a small and medium-sized venture enterprise for innovative growth support project in the field of BIG 3.

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    2020-06-05 13:30:47
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Dr. Noah Biotech is a company dedicated to developing rare disease combinations using the AI system. It was selected as an SME venture enterprise for innovation growth support project.

This project identifies promising start-ups and venture companies in the field of BIG 3 and grants up to 1.2 billion won for the commercialization or R&D funding, or up to 13 billion won per selected company for the policy funding or technology financing.

Dr. Noah Biotech is focusing on developing its own treatment for neurological and muscular diseases by utilizing artificial intelligence technology in the world's first compound design system. It prioritizes the technology transfer of the newly discovered compounds after pre-clinical or phase 1 clinical tests. Currently, many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies are not providing simple analysis services but are carrying out new drug development projects only for the models that are jointly invested and jointly developed.

Furthermore, Dr. Noah Biotech is employing the ARK system, an artificial intelligence-based compound prediction platform. The ARK system is designed to comprehensively analyze patients' genomic data/network/3D structure/literature information to recommend optimal drugs for patients by rank, all of which are completed within three months. It is also designed to predict up to double and triple compounds, as well as a single drug.

Dr. Noah Biotech has developed and is operating on an artificial intelligence technology, but the keywords of its business are "compound" and "rare diseases." Its goal is to develop rare disease treatments faster and more efficiently than anyone else by combining existing drugs into new compounds. To achieve this goal, ARK, an original AI-based compound prediction system, has been developed and is expanding its own new compound pipeline.