Huons-DR.NOAHbiotech Co., Ltd. to Collaborate on New Drug Development Based on AI

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    2019-06-04 09:12:47
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Huons announced that it signed a joint R&D agreement on AI-based new drug development on Thursday with Um Ki-an and Lee Ji-hyun, CEO of DR. Noahbiotech, a company specializing in AI new drug development, at its headquarters in Pangyo, Seongnam. 

휴온스 엄기안 대표(왼쪽)가 닥터노아바이오텍 이지현 대표와 협약을 체결하고 있다/ 휴온스 제공

The main purpose of the agreement is to build a new next-generation drug pipeline through mutual cooperation and joint research based on the AI system owned by DR.Noahbiotech, and ultimately develop a new innovative AI drug. 

Huons has been making systematic preparations over the past year, maintaining continued business exchanges and cooperative ties with various AI companies at home and abroad for the development of new AI drugs that have come under the spotlight in the global bio industry. 

"The possibility and potential of new drug development and AI system held by DR. Noahbiotech are very good." said a representative for Huons. "We concluded an agreement by thinking that we can develop new AI innovations through expertise and competitive edge based on mutual cooperation." 

Huons and DR. Noahbiotech plan to materialize the first round of joint research based on the conclusion of the agreement, as they have already confirmed their commitment to joint development and have been discussing the development of treatments and indications for the past year.